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About Course

Game Developers enjoy one of the most rewarding careers as it is challenging and requires creativity and technical acumen. Learning this course under the expert guidance of faculties in our institute will boost your career. If you are aspiring to become a videogame designer and build seat-edge thrilling games, CG Creed Multimedia Academy offers the best game design courses in Hyderabad that covers advance game development courses for best game design and development.

Game design is one of the best multimedia courses that offers a plethora of opportunities to kickstart your career in gaming industry. We are one of the best animation institutes in Hyderabad that offers best game design and development courses and our curriculum is set by working professionals. We teach you to solve complex and logical problems using the tools and techniques found in computer science, software engineering, and game programming and also solving complex software architectural design problems found in multi-platform, multi-user, and/or multi-component game engine development in Unity and Unreal. Our stellar faculty guide you to build unreal engine 2d games, teach mobile game design using unity 3d game development.

The career opportunities for this course are vast. Our modules will prepare the student in a job-oriented manner so that they will have all the skills required to get into a good job right after the course completion. Our onsite and online Game development training is designed to fulfill the current needs of the industry.

It teaches a learner to build interactive software as part of a development team including artists, animators, designers, producers, and/or other programmers. Implementing effective design, production, and testing techniques, enables an individual to choose appropriate resources to research, develop, and contribute to advances and trends within the field of game development.

Course Overview

Foundation For Gaming

1. Introduction to Game Development
Evolution of Gaming
Industry Ecosystem
Gaming Business
Starting Your Own Gaming Company
2. Art and Design foundation
Color Psychology
Design Principles
Visual Communication
Understanding Form & Shape
Understanding Materials & Textures
Light & Shade Study (Life Drawing)
Isometric & Perspective
Miniature Set Design
Gesture Drawing

3. Digital Art
Digital Painting
Matte Painting
Photo Bashing
Motion Graphics


4. Graphic Design
Graphics for Website
Graphics for Social media
Poster Design
Icon Design
Logo Design
Promo Creatives

5. Pre-Production
Prop Design
Character Design
Environment Design
Story Development
Storyboarding & Animatics

6. Physical Game Making Based On Theme
7. Digital Game Design in Construct 2
8. Programming With C#

Softwares you’ll learn

Learning Outcome

Digital Game Asset Development

1. Maya User Interface
2. 3D Asset Creation
_3D Modeling
_Prop Modelling
_Envirnoment Modeling
_Character Modeling
Game Animations
_Body Mechanic Cycles
_Combat Cycles
_Idle Animations
_Combo Cycles
2. Digital Sculpting with ZBrush

Softwares you’ll learn

Digital Game Design

1. Game Design Process
Game Production Pipeline
Game Principles – Technology
Game Principles – Story and Concept
Game Principles – Look and Feel
Game Principles – Mechanics
Iteration of Game Ideas
-Market Study
_Target Audience
High Concept Document
Idea Presentation/Pitch

2. Unity Game Engine
Unity User Interface
Asset Import & Configuration
Envirnoment Creation & Setup
Integrating Script & HUD
Character Setup & Animation
Level Designing
Audio Video Effects
Lighting & Post-Processing
Unity VR


3. Unreal Game Engine
Unity User Interface
Asset Import & Configuration
Level Editor
Players & Inputs
Level Design Prototype
4. Publishing On Android, IOS & Windows

Softwares you’ll learn

Specialization Portfolio Development

Contemplating the nature of the 3D industry, students have the opportunity to focus on one of the following areas of specialization.
1. Game Art
2. Game Design
3. Game Development (Group or Individual Project)
4. Game Testing

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