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Multimedia is a unique course that is rapidly getting transformed with the advancements in Media & Entertainment technology. That’s what makes this course worth learning, as there would be plenty of opportunities once one graduates from this course. Multimedia is an inclusive term for the 2D Animation in Animate CC, 3D Animation in Maya, VFX (Visual Effects), Game Designing using Unity and Unreal game engines, Graphic Designing, and Filmmaking courses. These courses expect a lot from the learners in terms of knowledge, skill, and professionality. We at CG Creed Multimedia Academy offer the best multimedia training by offering the best multimedia courses in Hyderabad and make sure that our students are imbibing these qualities throughout the course. We’ve modulated experiential course structures that are on-par with the renowned animation and multimedia training institutes, to help students explore their interests beyond VFX courses.

Our commitment to offering the Best Multimedia short courses and Animation courses in the visual effects capital has made us one of the very few schools which have made it their mission to cater uncompromised teaching to ambitious and aspiring artists. Our Multimedia course curriculum is curated by the best Multimedia professionals of the country, making us the in-demand vfx and animation institutes in Hyderabad. We have taken this measure to make sure that what we teach is up to date, diverse, and exciting.

Course Overview

Foundation For Multimedia

1. Introduction to Multimedia
2. Art and Design foundation
Color Psychology
Design Principles
Visual Communication
Understanding Form & Shape
Understanding Materials & Textures
Light & Shade Study (Life Drawing)
Isometric & Perspective
Miniature Set Design
Gesture Drawing

3. Pre-Production
Prop Design
Character Design
Environment Design
Story Development
Storyboarding & Animatics

Softwares you’ll learn

Learning Outcome

Digital Media Technologies

1. Digital Art
Digital Painting
Matte Painting
Photo Bashing
Motion Graphics
2. Graphic Design
Graphics for Website
Graphics for Social Media
Poster Design
Icon Design
Logo Design
Promo Creatives

3. UIUX Design
Concepts of User Experience & Design
Principles of UIUX Design
Strategy & Information Architecture
Testing & Development
UI Design for Mobile & Web Applications
4. Film Editing
The Rough Cut
Linear & Non-Linear Editing
The J-Cut & The L-Cut
Woring with Sound
The Final Cut

Softwares you’ll learn

Digital Assets & Animation For VFX, Gaming & Animation

1. Understanding 2D Workflow & Pipeline
2. 2D Animation-Animate CC (Adobe Flash)
3. 3D Project Management
4. Maya User Interace
5. 3D Modeling in Maya
Prop Modeling
Environment Modeling
Character Modeling
6. Digital Sculpting with Zbrush
7. Texturing
8. Rigging
9. Camera Animation & Layout
10. 3D Previz
11. Character Animation
12. Camera Tracking & Matchmove
13. FX, Dynamics & Simulation
14. Lighting & Rendering

Softwares you’ll learn

VFX & Post-Production Techniques

1. Cinematography for VFX
Film Grammar
Aesthetics of Cinematography
Staging & Planning
Live Action Shoot
– Planning VFX in a Live Action Shot
– Green/Blue Matte Shoot
– Positioning Track Points for 3D Integration
2. Chroma Keying
3. Rotoscopy & Paint
Wire Removal & Cloning
Roto Layering
4. Compositing
Understanding Layer & Nodal Comp
Render Pass Compositing
2D/3D Compositing
5. Color Correction & Color Grading
6. Matchmove & Tracking

Softwares you’ll learn


1. Unity Game Engine
Unity User Interface
Asset Import & Configuration
Envirnoment Creation & Setup
Integrating Script & HUD
Character Setup & Animation
Level Designing
Audio Video Effects
Lighting & Post-Processing
Unity VR
2. Unreal Game Engine
Unity User Interface
Asset Import & Configuration
Level Editor
Players & Inputs
Level Design Prototype

Softwares you’ll learn

Specialization Portfolio Development 

Contemplating the nature of the 3D industry, students have the opportunity to focus on one of the
following areas of specialization.
1. Pre-Production – Art Bible
2. Modeling & Texturing
3. Rigging
4. 3D Character Animation
5. 2D Character Animation
6. Lighting & Rendering
7. Special FX & Simulation
8. Camera Tracking & Matchmove
9. Rotoscopy & Paint
10. Compositing
11. Editing
12. Web Design & Development
2D/3D Animation Short Film – Group Project
VFX Short film – Group project

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